from patreon to substack

a devils & fools introduction

hello patrons and friends! beginning on june 1st, 2020, i’ll be officially shifting my ongoing subscription-based tarot writings from patreon to substack. patreon offered a wonderful opportunity to build community and find some financial stability for my freelance tarot work, but with so many recent shifts and transitions, it’s become clear to me that substack is the right place for my work moving forward.

why the change?

the main reason for this shift is that due to shelter-in-place mandates for COVID-19, my usual writing workspace in my cozy little new york apartment is now being shared full-time with my partner, which has been a major adjustment. we’ve been as gracious and flexible as we can, but the reality is that my workflow has drastically changed, with no real end date in sight. additionally, after over a year on patreon, i’ve encountered a number of pain points, mostly around communication with patrons and customization options, that make substack a better option for me. with so many changes and shifts, the time feels right to migrate my subscribers and supporters to this new space, offering me a chance to streamline and regroup.

what is devils & fools?

in moving to substack, i’m shifting some of my regular offerings for subscribers. since i already provide daily card readings, weekly community card readings, and free tarot studies on my instagram, share moon phase spreads and personal readings on my website, and have created several beginner’s tarot guides and resources as e-books, i created devils & fools as a place for longform tarot writing. i’ve published works like this before, most recently my piece on the emperor and the hanged one for autostraddle, but this newsletter will give me an opportunity to do the kind of writing i love, with the space to shift and grow as needed. here i will explore specific archetypes in more depth, look at major and minor arcana cards that connect with specific moon phases and astrological seasons, and create exclusive tarot spreads that won’t be available anywhere else.

this newsletter will publish 4-6 pieces per month, with the first piece of the month being available to all readers and the majority of the other publishings only going to paid subscribers. i plan to offer occasional discussion threads as well, giving readers opportunities to connect with one another and form a community here that focuses on sharing tarot resources, knowledge, questions, and ideas.

if you haven’t already explored devils & fools, i’ve published several pieces this month, available to all readers, to give you an idea of the kind of content i’ll be offering moving forward. check out this piece on the magic that lives between the hierophant and the lovers, this reflection on the new moon in gemini as reflected in the tarot, and this exclusive spread for harnessing the power of the ace of swords.

what happens next?

if you’re getting this email from me, it means that you’re already on the list. all of my former and existing patrons have been automatically included, as well as anyone who’s purchased a reading or one of my books. feel free to forward this message to anyone you know that loves tarot or spiritual writing. and if you’d prefer not to receive these messages, you can opt out with one quick click by scrolling to the bottom of this email.

to sign up for devils & fools or adjust your subscription, just click this button to get started. you have the option to sign up for the free version, which includes at least one public post per month, or a paid subscription that gives you access to everything i write.

my patreon has been suspended, and will eventually be removed, but existing patrons will still be able to access old content for the next month or two. however, beginning on june 1st all new content will be posted exclusively to substack, so make sure you’re on the list to stay up-to-date with my writing.

i believe that this change is the right move for me and for my future, and i hope you agree. i’m glad you’re here!

most sincerely,
meg // @3am.tarot